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              Welcome to the website of Wuxi ELITE Linear Motion Machinery Co., Ltd.!
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              Wuxi Eyre linear motion Machinery Co. Ltd. is located in the edge of Taihu Wuxi Huishan District, the main electric putter, spiral elevator, electric cylinder, servo electric cylinder, Eyre who follows the international advanced scientific management mode, after years of unremitting efforts, has developed into a set of scientific research, production, sales and service in one the linear transmission of professional products suppliers. The company's annual production capacity of more than 20 thousand units, the existing staff of more than 100, of which more than 30 technical personnel, the average age of employees around 28 years old, is a young, professional team.

              Since its inception, the company has been committed to electric push rod, servo electric cylinder and spiral elevator efficient transmission technology research and development, is committed to import push rod and spiral elevator high quality localization. Company's main products are: LT/UT series electric putter, small DC electric putter, LPT series, DT series of electric cylinder push rod, TDT synchronous electric putter, DTZ series electric putter, LPT, DG series of electric cylinder, SJ, MA series spiral elevator, servo electric cylinder, special electric cylinder. The products all use high quality motors, bearings, steel and other materials. The company has professional production equipment, advanced CNC machining equipment, first-class testing equipment, mechanical transmission of senior designers, advanced transmission design software, to ensure the accuracy of product technical parameters, application reliability. In addition, computer technology has also been widely used in design and management. Now, Eyre has established a strategic cooperative relationship with some large enterprises and research institutions in china.
              For many years, Eyre's products have been widely used in metallurgy. Stage machinery, plastic machinery, weighing apparatus, lifting logistics, environmental protection equipment, solar energy and many other industries, won the trust of users. Successful case: stage mechanical push rod for opening and closing ceremony of Expo 2010 Shanghai.
              As China become the global manufacturing center, Eyre will take the fast train China economic development, continue to listen to the voice of customers, work together to create value business philosophy, with first-class talents, first-class equipment and first-class service, for all walks of life to provide efficient, reliable and secure linear transmission products.