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              Domestic electric push rod, electric cylinder actual cooperation choice (site visit is recommended)

              Author: release time:2020-09-24Click:788

              There are still many domestic electric actuator companies, but they are mainly small-scale (10-20 individuals) companies and traders. Many of them are mainly old products that have been in the 70s, and old products can no longer keep up with the current industrial equipment. Many aspects of automation have technical requirements, and its old products are too large/heavier, and some companies are still in the form of home workshops, and the prices are low. It is inevitable that there are concerns about quality, including some products that are not yet available. Mature mass production, but he can also promise you can produce, and the product after-sales is difficult to guarantee, the domestic real professional and large-scale production of linear products such as electric actuators, there are only 2-3, so users are recommended to For products with high requirements in the later stage and long-term matching, you can visit the factory and compare it so that you can make a good and intuitive judgment. As for foreign products, 70-80% of them are basically localized at this stage, mainly because of the long cycle, high price, and matching , After-sales is inconvenient, so it will gradually decrease gradually. Another important reason is that domestic powerful enterprises also have the same technological development capabilities. If you don’t know, you can consult Airt, we will communicate and discuss with you realistically, hoping to propose or provide you with cost-effective solutions or products!


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